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In March of 2018, I was contacted by a friend letting me know that Josh Jackson and Miles Taylor were putting their Ohio State uniforms up for auction with all proceeds going to the Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City.  We were fortunate to make a deal and deliver a nice donation to the hospital.  That deal ignited the passion that has led us to where we are today.  Through contacts provided from Josh and Miles, along with Keith Duncan, we were able to start this fundraiser on a very small scale.  In three years’ time, and now with the NIL rules going into effect, our little fundraiser has grown to the point where we have committed to donating $50,000 to the hospital.  We are currently at $27,000 and hope to reach our goal within the next year.  Once we reach our first goal we will up it to $100,000. 


The players that have helped us have been overly generous, very kind and unbelievably supportive of our cause.  College athletes sometimes get a bad wrap but these guys have been incredible to work with and it’s been a privilege getting to know them. 


As part of our cause, we have teamed with several other charities and provide signed items to support their causes.  Some of the charities that we support are the Chris Norton Foundation, the Chuck Long Foundation, the Shriners Hospital, Military veteran causes, the Fallen Police Officer’s Assn,, heart and kidney disease causes.

Goals & Objectives

 When we initially began discussing organizing a fundraiser, the first priority was to make participation easy and rewarding.  For that reason, we decided that we would not sell anything, but rather give our signed items away as a thank you for donations.  Some people have asked what the average donation has been for various items and in those instances we provide that information.  Most of the time, the donations have need incredibly generous and even shocking at times.  Several times, people have indicated that they were experiencing hardships but wanted to participate.  In those instances, photos were given away with zero donation.  At no time have we ever turned anyone away empty handed.  While our goal is to raise funds for the hospital, we also feel that it is necessary to do what we can to help individuals out as well.  Sometimes getting a signed photo will put a smile on someone’s face. 


We fund the photos and the shipping costs, the players provide the signatures and 100 percent of the net proceeds go directly to support the kids.  As we are now expanding into wrestling, we will begin to provide support to the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. 


The fundraiser was first rolled out on the Hawkeye Report website and we now have many happy Hawkeye collectors. 


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